Terms & Conditions

As a valued customer of Ultimate Transformations (UT) functional movement program, please read and accept the following Terms and Conditions. UT functional movement sessions and policies:

  1. Payment must be promptly made by the due date on the invoice provided,
    unless prior arrangements have been made for payments.
  2. If you are unable to make a session, it can be rescheduled. Please inform the
    coach as soon as you can
    Contact: +64 21 2986475 (Coach's number).
  3. Changes for session times can be made upon agreement of client(s) and coach.
  4. Ultimate Transformations reserves the right to modify session times


  1. I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk, danger and injury in
    movement training and associated activities. I understand that UT will take
    due care, but will not be held liable for any injury sustained to me while in the
    care of UT.
  2. I declare that I have disclosed any relevant physical or mental incapacity,
    disease or condition, which would affect my ability to safely participate in any
    authorized or recognized activities of UT.
  3. In the event of an accident or illness, if considered advisable by UT staff, I
    request that medical attention be secured at my expense.
  4. I indemnify UT from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal costs)
    suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly
    from a failure to observe the rules, policies, guidelines and reasonable
    directions of UT staff members.
    Rules for functional movement classes:
    We want you to get the best out of this experience. Therefore, we need your
    cooperation and support. We request you to respect and follow our rules and
  5. Do not enter the facility unless the coach is present.
  6. Participants are not allowed to use any of the gym equipment unless instructed
    by the coach.
  7. Other people, i.e. children, partners or friends who are not enrolled in the class
    are not be allowed in the {designated} coaching area.
  8. Participants should always be on time, the warm up is an essential part of any
  9. Photos or videos will be taken only if consent from the client is provided in
    writing. Some aspect of monitoring may require photos, this will be decided
    between the client(s) and the coach.
  10. No food to be consumed in the gymnastics facility at all times.
  11. Always bring a drink of water to the session.
  12. Coaching time is precious.


  1. Always wear the correct sports attire i.e. tracksuit, shorts, T-shirt. Casual
    trousers and jeans are not correct training attire. Baggy clothing can be
    dangerous as it can catch on apparatus or restrict the coach’s ability to support
  2. No jewellery to be worn during the coaching session.
  3. Be mindful of any items that may cause damage to equipment.
    Invoices will be provided prior to the commencement of the term.
    Mode of Payment
    Internet banking into account no. 12 3492 0003550 00 Payment Details
    Code: Client’s name and surname
    Reference: Invoice number

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