Our Team

Our team is trained, experienced, passionate and committed to inspiring children to live to their true potential, both at the personal and academic level. We provide them with tools and training to turn their struggles into successes and be proud of their individuality. We are constantly updating our knowledge of what neuroscience reveals about how the brain learns and utilise this knowledge when guiding our students.

The success belongs to the student; we are there to assist, teach techniques, and guide them to physical, emotional and academic competence.

It is our goal to enable your child to experience learning success by providing strategies to

Think smarter, Feel happier and Learn faster.

Sherry Costa

Program Director and Educational Therapist

My journey in the field of education started as a school teacher 20 years ago.

I am passionate about helping kids to discover their true potential and teaching them strategies for success by using their individual strengths to overcome their limitations.

Zaytoon Ebrahim

Learning Coach

My philosophy for educating children is to teach them how to learn but not what to learn and the world becomes theirs to explore, teach them where to look but not what to see and their vision becomes broad. With a wealth of experience of working with children and a natural disposition of an avid learner, I am well equipped with the skills to address the uniqueness of each student and meet the diversity of their learning needs.

Elvira Ladur

Gymnastics Coach

I have worked as a gymnastics coach and fitness instructor for the past 30 years, have been a practising Gymnast from age 5 and have been a medallist in the Russian Gymnastics Championship.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping your children enjoy gymnastics as much as I do.

Rohan Kandoi

Functional Movement Coach

As a functional movement training coach, I am passionate about maximizing physical abilities and minimizing physical limitations. I am always looking for ways to promote better movement for long-term and pain free participation in physical activity and develop physical fitness in adults and children.

Elske Reyneke-Barnard

Art Therapist

I believe in the power of the arts to unlock health and wellbeing. I have a long-standing interest in working with children and making a difference in their lives. I wish to inspire hope in children and families as they deal with the challenges of life by expressing themselves through art.

From One Parent/Child to Another

Without Transformations, there would be no butterflies!

Ultimate Transformations is a Wellness and Education centre committed to the healthy all-round development of children. We specialize in teaching children to live to their true potential both at a personal and academic level by providing programs to meet their academic, physical and emotional needs. We also seek to engage and empower parents and teachers with support strategies. We are proud to be a division of the Ultimate Global Group.