Art Programs at Ultimate Transformations

Art Programs Hamilton

Pencils, crayons, coloured pencils, paints, clay, markers are a means of communication for children.

It is how kids speak when they are unable to use words. It gives you an insight into what is going on in their active minds. All children are born with a natural ability to express themselves creatively. Art provides the perfect route to enhance self-expression and self-understanding. Just like physical developmental milestones, there are stages of artistic development in healthy children.

At Ultimate Transformations, we place a high value on the arts in the lives of children. The focus is not on the product but on the process. Our Art therapist is experienced, creative and extremely passionate about supporting the healthy development of children through the Arts.

Find out more about our art classes here or email us for a free trial: info@ultimatetransformations.co.nz

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