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Academic Interventions

Hamilton New Zealand Therapy Sessions for Kids

Empower your child to discover the joy of being a confident learner at Ultimate Transformations.Learning difficulties come in many forms and affect a child’s self-confidence. Does your child have challenges in one or more of these areas? -Memory, understanding instructions, paying attention, coordination, spelling, handwriting, reading, comprehension, maths. We provide Academic Interventions that are personalised,…

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Art Programs at Ultimate Transformations

Art Programs Hamilton

Pencils, crayons, coloured pencils, paints, clay, markers are a means of communication for children. It is how kids speak when they are unable to use words. It gives you an insight into what is going on in their active minds. All children are born with a natural ability to express themselves creatively. Art provides the…

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Making learning easier!

Academic Interventions Hamilton New Zealand

Imagine making learning easier for your child. Ultimate Transformations offers targeted Academic Interventions that facilitate learning by providing students with techniques and strategies that when put into practice, enhance their ability to learn more efficiently and effectively. Our Academic Intervention highlights: Development of self-confidence in the ability to learn. Development of basic and advanced reading,…

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