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Visual Processing and Learning

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Visual processing weakness is one of the roadblocks to learning. Visual processing skills refer to the ability to interpret, analyse, and give meaning to what is seen. The sub skills are: Visual Discrimination: Ability to distinguish between shapes whether letters, word patterns or objects. It is the ability to see similarities and differences. This skill…

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The Learning Process and Specific Learning Difficulties

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Every child wants to be successful at school. A child’s success at school is crucial to their self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation to learn. It is extremely important that a child develops a positive attitude towards school and learning. Good learning involves the following steps: Taking in information Processing the information Retaining information in memory Retrieving…

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Executive Functioning and Learning

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Executive functioning skills include the mental processes involved in thinking and learning such as perception, memory, organization, planning, time management, attention, flexibility, concept formation, problem solving, and self- regulation skills. All these skills are crucial in having success in learning, emotional/behavioural regulation and social relationships. Planning/Organization: Ability to set goals and develop steps to achieve…

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Auditory Processing Skills and Learning

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Deficiency of Auditory processing skills is one of the roadblocks to learning. Auditory processing skills refer to the identification, organization and interpretation of what is heard. The sub skills are: Auditory Discrimination: Ability to recognize the difference between similar sounding letters/ words as well as tone of voice. Children with this difficulty will struggle to…

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